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Winter Solstice Celebration

Winter Solstice Celebration

Friday, December 20, 2019
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Join us! Come celebrate the longest night of the year & welcome the coming light!
Gather with our family & others who wish to lean in to the natural rhythms with friends-new & old-beside you.

Here's our schedule for the evening:

6:30 Mingle & Create with the Kids:
Chat with others around the fire in the back or in the workshop by the wood stove. During this time, bring the kids into the workshop to make treats for the birds to take home & hang on tress as gifts for the critters in your neck-of-the-woods.

7:15 Storytime:
We'll head out to our Solstice Celebration Tree(outside by the round barn), where AJ & John will read a special story that adults & children alike will thoroughly enjoy! This is a completely secular tale that imagines how the seasons came to be through a the eyes of the animals. Then, we'll light up the tree!

7:30ish Singing
Don't be shy! We'd love to sing by your side!
We'll have print outs of the words to just a few songs that some folks will lead on so we can sing together to celebrate our evening of community with one another, with gratitude for Mother Nature, & excitement for the cold days of inner growth ahead.

Afterwards we are happy to take folks who are up for it, down to the barn to let the kiddos hold piglets:) But, we would appreciate it if everyone waits to go into the barn until John or AJ are ready to take the group.

Other than the Workshop, the event will be outside, with a fire in the backyard, so dress accordingly! I'm sure our family will just have snow pants & cover-all getups on to stay warm & able to play as we please. Hoping you will join us in dressing comfy-cozy & letting yourself enjoy the evening outside!

We will provide supplies for the kids craft to take home & hot cocoa(made with soy milk) in the Workshop. We would greatly appreciate any donation you are willing to give to help keep our dreams alive of holding spaces at our farm that Cultivate Community, Celebrate Curiosity, & Nurture Wonder, with Nature! Our donation box is in the breezeway, just as you enter.

And I should add, if you're 'older' :) and reading this thinking, 'this is just for the younger folks with kids.' We SO value your presence, wisdom, & experience you bring to our children's lives. We would love to have those who desire to celebrate the solstice in community of all ages.

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