Sample Group Travel Itineraries | Visit Marshall County

Sample Group Travel Itineraries

Marshall County Sample Group Travel Itineraries


Hidden Secrets

Explore the mysteries and intriguing stories of some of Marshall County’s best-known attractions.

10:00 - Arrive and tour Culver Academies

12:00 - Lunch at one of Culver's fine restaurants

1:30 - Shop the Unique downtown

2:30 - Visit the Ancilla Domini Chapel

4:00 - Depart for and check into your hotel with welcome reception

6:00 - Mystery dinner




Bring along your boots and spend a full day learning more about life on the farm in Marshall County.

8:00 - Depart for Pioneer Hybrid seed corn plant

10:00 - Tour Hensler Nursery

11:30 - Picnic in the pines

1:00 - Depart for and tour Fair Oaks Dairy Farm

5:00 - Depart for hotel and dinner



Pilgrimage Tour

Visit some of the nation’s most beautiful and well-loved chapels, cathedrals and religious historical sites.

Day 1 - Visit Vincennes and "The Old Cathedral" as well as many historical sites

Day 2 - Travel north to the Providence Center at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods near Terre Haute

Day 3 - Our next stop will be the Chapel at Ancilla Domini with a side trip to Sacred Heart on the campus of the University of Notre Dame



Notre Dame / South Bend

Head out for a look around South Bend, including the renowned Notre Dame University.

8:00 - Depart for and tour Notre Dame University

11:30 - Lunch at Tippecanoe Place

1:30 - Tour Studebaker National Museum/Oliver Mansion

3:00 - Visit South Bend Chocolate

4:30 - Depart for Plymouth and a picnic in the park



Amish Experience

Learn more about the Amish and Mennonite lifestyles and experience some Amish hospitality.

8:00 - Depart for Amish Country

9:30 - Visit Menno-Hof to learn more about the Amish & Mennonite lifestyles

11:00 - Enjoy the famous "Haystack Lunch" in an Amish home

12:30 - Tour Amish buggy, harness, woodworking shops as well as shop Shipshewanna

2:00 - Depart for and check into your hotel with welcome reception

5:30 - Depart for "Thrashers Dinner" in another Amish home