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Marshall County is made up of many beautiful historical towns rich in culture and should be visited at least once in your lifetime. While here, you’ll discover so much more than you could’ve imagined. Below we have worked out a list of the top 10 places you must visit in Marshall County, enjoy and we hope to see you here.

Summer's has finally arrived!  With warmer temperatures brings great chances to enjoy outdoor dining, family friendly summer events, and relaxation. Whether you have a long summer vacation or planning long weekend getaways, you'll want to visit Marshall County to these do not miss events!  

Plymouth Farmers Market

WOW! Where did the first month of 2019 go? As February inches closer and closer, we have a list great happenings in Marshall County to avoid cabin fever all while exploring and discovering way to unwind with us, here you go:


Looking for that biking adventure? Look no further then right here in Marshall County where are four different county bike trails already mapped out for you! The trails range from a 16 mile trail to a 63 mile trail! How is that for adventure?!