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Must Go to Dessert Places in Marshall County

Must Go to Dessert Places in Marshall County

Rather than fussing over what to eat for dessert just bring out the ice cream! Everyone loves a good scoop of their favorite flavor of ice cream. It’s simple to make, serve, and it’s the perfect summer treat for anyone to eat.

Lucky for us, Marshall County has some of the best ice cream places around. They all serve unique dishes for you to enjoy, with an awesome atmosphere to dine at. Here’s some of the best ice cream places we have around our area.

Sweet Swirlz Frozen Yogurt was just added to Plymouth a few months ago. Sweet Swirlz serves frozen yogurt with multiple flavors to choose from. They have cake batter, peanut butter, strawberry, and more. Not only do they serve frozen yogurt, but they also serve bubble tea and smoothies. The bubble tea comes in many flavors that include banana, blueberry, coconut, and grape. Their smoothies come in multiple flavors like strawberry, strawberry banana, confetti cupcake, cotton candy, cookies n’ cream, kiwi, and more. Not going to lie, the bubble tea is amazing and you all need to try it! If you want to see more of their flavors and tasty desserts that they have, visit Sweet Swirlz Facebook page or their website. Sweet Swirlz is an awesome atmosphere to be around with their bright colors in their restaurant and their friendly staff. If you’re interested in taking a trip over to Sweet Swirlz you can find them at 2868 Miller Drive Plymouth, IN.

If you are looking for another place to get dessert here in Marshall County then I would stop by Mooney’s Ice Cream Parlor. It’s a great place to take your friends and family on a hot summer day. They have your traditional flavors of ice cream to choose from and also serve food. The nightlife experience at Mooney’s is awesome. Most families stop by after baseball games or other summer events. Head on over to Mooney’s any chance you get at 309 E. Jefferson St. Plymouth, IN.

We took a trip over to Sallie’s by the Shore in Culver to try their homemade ice cream. By far one of the cutest ice cream places I’ve ever been too. It’s beach themed, with bright pastels that cover the walls, and sea shells for the table pieces. Their ice cream flavors include strawberry patch, banana, oreo cookie, happy birthday cake, key lime pie, and lots more. The staff is extremely friendly and wear the perfect attire! Sallie’s by the Shore is located in downtown Culver at 110 S. Main Culver, IN. If you want more information on Sallie's by the Shore you can reach them at 219-508-5144.