Meet Chase Holzwart our Social Media Manager | Visit Marshall County

Meet Chase Holzwart our Social Media Manager

Meet Chase Holzwart our Social Media Manager

The staff at Marshall County Tourism would like to take this time to introduce you to Chase Holzwart, our 2017 Summer Intern! Chase is our Social Media Manager for the 2017 summer here at Marshall County Tourism.

Chase is a lifetime resident of Plymouth. She graduated in 2015 from Plymouth High School and went on to attend Arizona State University for her freshman year of college.  Although it was the best year of her life, being closer to home is important to her and she will now be attending IUPUI in the fall of 2017 majoring in Mass Communications. 

Chase loves anything bright, to look nice and of course she loves to shop.  She is really into eating healthy but stays away from anything that has meat in it.  She chooses to be proactive by not using products what have been tested on animals.  You won’t find Chase anywhere near rats, mice or opossums as she is deathly afraid of them.  In her free time, Chase loves to spend time watching Netflix and enjoying time with her friends and sister.

We asked Chase three questions and here they are with her responses:


            Q:           Choose a movie title that you feel is the story of your life:

A:            Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.  This movie is the perfect movie that describes my life because I am a huge drama queen.  I also love the movie, it is one of my                favs.

Q:           What is one thing on your list?

A:            Try out to be a Disney Princess and to take classes at Walt Disney World, or study abroad somewhere!  Sorry…I had 2. Just a  huge fan of becoming a Disney                          Princess because I love acting and I love making kids happy.

Q:           What’s your favorite indoor/outdoor activity?

A:            One of my favorite outdoor activities would be swimming!  If I was able to spend every day at a lake or at a water park, I would.  I also love being outside in general.                        When it comes to camping, riding bikes, lying out, etc.…..I love it all!


We are very excited to have Chase with us this summer and hope that she is able to learn a lot before heading to Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis in the fall! Stop on in and say hello she would love to meet you!