Get Your Fall Decorations and Pumpkins at these Local Businesses in Marshall County! | Visit Marshall County

Get Your Fall Decorations and Pumpkins at these Local Businesses in Marshall County!

Get Your Fall Decorations and Pumpkins at these Local Businesses in Marshall County!

Fall is here!  Looking for that unique place to find just the perfect pumpkin?  Look no further, check out this great list of places to visit for your special jack-o-lantern or centerpiece display, they will have what you are looking for and more!

1. You should definitely check out the fantastic new business here in Plymouth, IN. Papa Ders Produce has freshly picked produce every morning including strawberries, zuccines, blackberries, watermelon, tomatoes, and so much more. They also have beautiful mums that are pictured on this site, as well as several pumpkins both big and small to fit your wants and needs. They have several amazing fall decorations and their prices are very reasonable. Please feel free to check out the newly opened business located on Oak Road, next to the new Dollar General close to Dairy Queen! You can also check out their Facebook page: Papa Ders Produce, LLC. They are open from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM every day except for Sundays!

2.  The Carson Pumpkin Patch located in Bremen, IN on 9082 N Shore Drive near Lake of the Woods has several of pumpkins for sale this year. Carson Pumpkin Patch has a beautiful set up with so many pumpkins and fall decorations. Be sure you reserve time to make it over to Bremen!

3.  Check out the Lemlers Sweet Corn and Pumpkins Facebook page to see some awesome pictures of everything they are selling and to be sure they are open! The Lemlers special in sweet corn and pumpkins, but have plenty of great things to offer. They have an excellent variety of pumpkins that are just waiting to be bought!

4.  Please check out the Hole in the Woods Farm Facebook page to get updated information about what they have available for you. They have several good reviews and people often say that all of their produce is fresh and the prices are very reasonable. They have tons of heirloom tomatoes and bulk discounts waiting for you! They have all of the following Cherries: blondkopfchen, tommy toe, black cherry, and white cherry. They also have the following Slicers: Green Zebra, Brandywine, Sudduth Strain Mortgage Lifter, Purple Prince, etc.

5.  Pickin Patch in Lapaz, for the first time ever selling pumpkins at the farm.  Prices vary depending on the size from $1-10!  Stop on out and get your pumpkin today!

6.  Joe and Mary Batcho Memorial Pumpkin Patch is located at 14500 5C Road.