Taco Wars - Marshall County

Mila’s Mini Market wins Taco Wars

Tacos are one of those perfect foods. Tortillas, fillings and toppings come together to create a perfect hand-held bite. They’re simple, yet satisfying, and often reflect the story and the heritage of the person who prepared them.

In Indiana’s Cool North, dozens of taco makers were considered in the opening rounds of Taco Wars, the seven-county search for the best taco in Northern Indiana. Voters narrowed the list to one winner per county and then moved on to region-wide voting that ended on August 14. Mila’s Mini Market was voted Best Taco in Indiana’s Cool North.


Mila’s Mini Market
213 East Jefferson Street, Plymouth
Taco Wars Winner

The little building a few blocks from the center of town is warm and inviting. When you walk in, grocery items fill the store, including colorful helium balloons and bags of the beloved Taki snack food. “We actually started just as a grocery store,” said Evelin Vargas, whose family has operated the market for nearly nine years.

Mar Vargas and Celia Barron had a restaurant in California. After moving to Indiana with their three children, they opened Mila’s and soon started selling tacos. They’ve added other menu items, including their popular guacamole, but tacos are still king. “We’re definitely known for tacos,” Evelin said.

Steak, chicken and pork were the original fillings offered and are still among the most popular, but there’s also barbacoa (stewed beef), carnitas (deep fried pork), chorizo (sausage), beef tongue and beef tripe. The meats are tender and, particularly in the case of the carnitas, full of flavor. Classic green and red salsas go on the traditional toppings of onion and cilantro. Mila’s will put your photo on the wall of fame if you can tackle ten of their tacos. The record is 26 so far this year, said Evelin.

A customer appreciation day for those who help put Mila’s over the top in the county voting drew a great crowd. Aside from that, business has been strong because of Taco Wars. “We’ve had crazy numbers of new customers coming in,” Evelin said.


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