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They say that a good laugh and a good sleep are the best cures for anything that ails you. They're both pretty important for a great vacation, too. When you come to stay in Marshall County, you'll discover a variety of places to spend the night. All of them made memorable by their sincere welcome. Quaint Bed & Breakfasts, where the coffee pot is always on. Familiar Hotels & Motels, with great family amenities. Cozy Country Inns with lovely restaurants. Cabins and Cottages perfect for getting away from it all. Campgrounds complete with cricket songs. Vacation Homes that allow you the run of the place. Retreat Centers for tranquil reflection. And one of the premier golf resorts in Indiana. It's all here. Welcome.

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Bed & Breakfasts

Whether you choose a Bed & Breakfast smack dab in the midst of a quaint shopping district, or one that's surrounded by a quiet natural setting, you'll experience hospitality like you've never known before. Your comfort is a priority. Your coffee cup topped up regularly. Your hosts happy to share all their Marshall County personal favorites. You'll come away with great memories, and maybe a few new friends.

Hotels & Motels

Sometimes it's easier to relax when you know just what to expect. A pool for the kids to wear themselves out. Just the right amount of space. Close to attractions. And it's even better when your expectations are exceeded. Our Hotels & Motels are great at providing you with amenities that are familiar and then adding that extra something to make your stay memorable


Manicured. That really sums up the resort experience. And whether it's your greens or your hands that you prefer skillfully attended to, your experience is sure to be memorable. Our Resorts take your comfort seriously. And they take their amenities seriously, too. State-of-the-art fitness facilities. Pampering spas. Championship golf courses. Even a premier fly-fishing school. You'll definitely be well taken care of.



Cozy is a good way to describe a cottage. The type of place that's comfortable on bare feet in the summer and filled with the warmth of a wood fire in the winter. It fits just right, like that soft and fading pair of jeans you just can"t let go of. Take time for yourself in one of our Cottages. Explore, if you want to. Or just kick back, put your feet up and enjoy.


We often think of cabins in the woods. Or nestled by the lake. And, often, they're made of rough-hewn logs. They can be practical or romantic. Just big enough for two or enough room for the whole family. The one thing that's certain, is that your stay in one of our peaceful cabins will perfectly complement your visit to Marshall County.

Vacation Homes

There's no better way to get to know a place than to live in one of our homes—even if it is just for a week. Our Vacation Homes give you the opportunity to do just that. When you walk out the front door, you sort of become one of us. Except you've got nothing but time to explore your surroundings. Fill the kitchen with some great finds from our Farmers' Markets or eat out for every meal. It's really up to you.


Country Inns

We're becoming well known for our simple sophistication and nowhere is it more evident than in our Country Inns. Luxurious yet friendly. Generous and genuine. Our Inns capture a country home feeling with all the amenities you need to truly relax. Enjoy elegant surroundings and superb gourmet dining. And enjoy your innkeepers' Marshall County hospitality.

RVs & Campgrounds

For you, nothing says vacation like falling asleep to the songs of the crickets. You know it doesn't take much to relax. Just some firewood, some pointed sticks and a bag of marshmallows. Your favorite stars? They appear up above, as soon as you're far enough away from the city lights. You'll find our Campgrounds and RV Parks along lakes, tucked in woods and down country roads. And you'll also find they're always away from it all.

Retreat Centers

Retreat. Get out of the hectic routine you've been following. Stop running in circles. Listen to the song of birds. The laughter of friends, or family. Find the peace that will allow you to return to the noise and the hard work and remain calm and content. Learn a new way to look at things. That's what our Retreat Centers are all about.


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