Twelfth Night Celebration at MoonTree Studios | Visit Marshall County

Twelfth Night Celebration at MoonTree Studios

Twelfth Night Celebration at MoonTree Studios

Sunday, January 7, 2018
1:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Come to MoonTree Studios for an end-of-the-holidays and return-to-work party, traditionally known as Twelfth Night. And in the modern spirit of this holiday, while spinning and doing hand-work means our hands are busy, we can make merry doing it and start the year off right!


For fiber enthusiasts--spinners, weavers, quilters, knitters, and those who crochet or do needle-work. Bring a fiber project to keep your hands busy!
See the 2017 Friendship Swap projects on display and take the 2018 New Year Challenge for spinners and weavers!
Bring food to share at our Table of Bounty—a casserole or veggie or bread, salad or dessert.
We’ll wassail the apple trees for a good year in 2018—a turn of the year tradition dating from antiquity.


Tickets available at:

The Center at Donaldson
9601 Union Rd.
Plymouth, IN 46563