Top 10 places you need to visit in Marshall County | Visit Marshall County

Top 10 places you need to visit in Marshall County

Top 10 places you need to visit in Marshall County

Marshall County is made up of many beautiful historical towns rich in culture and should be visited at least once in your lifetime. While here, you’ll discover so much more than you could’ve imagined. Below we have worked out a list of the top 10 places you must visit in Marshall County, enjoy and we hope to see you here.

Marshall County Blueberry Festival - Years ago, Marshall County used to produce up to ⅓ of Indiana’s Blueberries. The Blueberry Festival in Plymouth is used to celebrate this heritage and keep its history alive. This festival lasts four days and is the largest in Indiana as it gets half a million attendees each year.

Marshall County Barn Quilt Trail in Plymouth - Here, you will experience appreciation for agricultural heritage, artistic talent and local history. Not only will visitors be able to enjoy the colorful quilt-pattern murals but also discover beautiful local shops, restaurants and farmer’s markets.

Marshall County Historical Society Museum in Plymouth - Visiting this museum will transport you back in time through vintage clothing, furniture and historic artifacts to modern graphics depicting history.

Museum of Culver & Lake Maxincuckee - The museum of Culver promotes the unique natural, historical and cultural heritage of the Culver. As for Lake Maxinkuckee, it is the second largest natural lake in Indiana.

Potawatomi Wildlife Park in Tippecanoe - This park is the oldest structure in Marshall County as it was once the home of the Potawatomi Tribe. Coming here, you’ll be able to enjoy a five mile hike and a variety of animals you may come across with.

Tri-Way Drive-in Theater - The Tri-Way Drive-In Theater has been around since June 4, 1953 in Plymouth. It first started with a single screen, today there are four.

Heartland Artists Gallery - The ultimate goal of this gallery is to “create the art, teach the arts, share the art with the community so it experiences more art each day”.

Chief Menominee Monument/ Trail of Death in Plymouth - This statue was created in remembrance of the horror the Indians were put through and a memorial to the Potawatomi Indians as they were forced to move from Indiana to Kansas in 1838 causing many deaths.

Plymouth Speedway - Plymouth Speedway is made up of 0.375 miles, come stop by for a fun evening of racing with family and friends.

Culver Academies - Culver Academies has been around since 1894 and is a college prep school made up of The Culver Military Academy. It is strongly based on a military system that teaches leadership, integrity, self-discipline, manners and respect for self, others and authority.